Our 3 Core Sector Focus

We are internationally certified to provide Total Asset Solutions for hospitals and healthcare institutions. From asset development and management, to biomedical engineering maintenance, to waste management and linen and laundry services, we understand the demands of the healthcare industry.

We provide our healthcare clients peace-of-mind by ensuring their hospital assets and facilities are functioning at an optimal level of efficiency. This enables our healthcare clients to focus on their core business of providing clinical/medical services to patients. Our hospital support services are also essential to the patient care process as it impacts the healthcare continuum and patient experience.

As a key player in this sector, we have had the privilege of serving over 82 hospitals and various healthcare institutions in Malaysia for the past 20 years. We now serve over 170 hospitals and healthcare institutions across the public and private sectors in Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. We also operate in the India healthcare sector via a joint venture.

Our Capabilities and Offerings:

Consultancy Services Solutions
Engineering and Consultancy Services Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services Energy Performance Management System
Project Management Services Facilities Engineering Maintenance Services Energy Management Services/ Energy Audit/ Energy Assessment
Value Engineering Healthcare Waste Management Services Green Building Rating Services
Asset Management Consultancy Linen and Laundry Services Energy Financing
Procurement and Contract Management Cleansing Services Building Energy Design
Asset Management Information System Facilities Management Services Centralised Command and Contact Center [Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT)]
Housekeeping Services
Portering Services
Stone Care Services
Grounds and Landscape
External Façade Maintenance
Pest Control
Sustainability Programmes

From strategic advisory services, to the design, development and management of major transport projects, and the maintenance of infrastructure assets - our global team of engineers, researchers, planners and other transport specialists provide a wealth of experience in the infrastructure sectors.

In Malaysia, UEM Edgenta has solidified its reputation as one of the nation’s leading engineering design, project and network management and infrastructure maintenance specialists with over 25 years of experience in infrastructure maintenance management. Our track record is evident in the network management and maintenance of over 2,500 km of expressways, as well as state and plantation roads that traverse across the nation. We provide asset management and integrated facilities management services to airports, commercial buildings, municipalities and urban transit.

We advocate for a strong emphasis on environment and safety guidelines in development projects. We are a sought after partner for material and pavement assessments, environmental testing and monitoring, pavement solutions, geotechnical solutions, structural solutions and environmental solutions.

Our Capabilities and Offerings:

Consultancy Services Solutions
Engineering and Consultancy Services Pavement Rehabilitation Pavement Solutions
Project Management Services Traffic and Safety Management Geotechnical Solutions
Value Engineering Civil - Tunnels, Slopes, Bridges, Drainage, Landscaping, Line Markings, Commercial Buildings, Toll Plazas, Rest and Service Areas Structural Solutions
Asset Management Consultancy Mechanical and Electrical Works Environmental Solutions
Procurement and Contract Management Operations and Maintenance Services Centralised Command and Contact Center [Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT)]
Asset Management Information System Utilities Relocation Services
Cost Modelling and Asset Life cycle Costing Environmental Testing and Monitoring
Project Management Consultancy Bridge and Structural Maintenance, Assessment and Repair
Material Testing Services
Pavement Condition Assessment
Soil Investigation and Field Testing
Slope Stabilisation, Repair and Rehabilitation
Geotechnical Instrumental Services
Building Condition Survey

From real estate planning and design, to facilities management and total community management, UEM Edgenta offers a fully integrated service platform encompassing the complete asset and building life cycle. These include property and community consultancy, project and asset management, development management, integrated facilities management services, township and community management services to many institutional, public sector and commercial clients and to those with single site interests. Our expertise caters to the retail, industrial, education, residential, local government, justice, sport and leisure, hospitality and heritage sector.

Our suite of services also includes assisting and supporting clients with defining their building’s needs, legal and regulatory compliance, design and construction planning, operation of buildings, asset management, facilities management, renewal and repurposing. We serve as your one stop centre for any property management and maintenance issues from consultancy to repairs, refurbishments and general maintenance.

Our Capabilities and Offerings:

Consultancy Services Solutions
Property Consultancy Asset and Inventory Management Building Energy Design
Development Management Civil, Mechanical and Electrical System Maintenance Energy Performance Management System
Community Consultancy Integrated Building Management System Energy Management Services/Energy Audit/ Energy Assessment
Asset Management and Consultancy Integrated Facilities Management Services Green Building Rating Services
Technical Advisory and Consultancy Services Building Condition Assessment Energy Financing
Placemaking, Urban Planning and Community Planning Building and Ground Maintenance Centralised Command and Contact Center [Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT)]
Workplace Design and Optimisation Township Management Township, Estate and Building Management Solutions
Legal and Regulatory Compliance Consultancy Building Retrofit and Facilities Management Mobile Application for Community Services
Project and Construction Management Estate and Security Management Tenant Management Platform
Warranty Management
Property Management Service
Community Management Service
Sustainability Programmes